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Frequently Asked Questions about Content Services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

What is Cloud Computing or SaaS and What are the Benefits?

Once again our industry is up to its old tricks. What in the world is SaaS and Cloud Computing and why should I care?

Here, we will quickly answer those questions, pierce the veil and reveal the mystery using human readable language.

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How Secure is My Data in a Cloud or SaaS Environment?

How possibly can the data be any more secure than in our very own facility? Having your data located in a remote location causes concern for yourself and your Executive team. Who has access to your data? Is it being backed up—reliably? How can I measure the level of security and reliability being reported?

Fortunately, there is a governing body that has rated the SaaS and Cloud Computing environments. Read the FAQ and we'll empower you with the knowledge you need to have in advance before you talk with SaaS and Cloud Computing providers.

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What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and How Can it Save My Organization Money?

Our industry is filled with crazy acronyms and a language all of our own. It is no wonder why business people have such a difficult time in understanding the benefits and advantages of embracing document management technologies, the our industry speaks in a different language.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing serves as a prime example. In a nutshell, BPO allows you to focus on your business' core competency and rely on trusted, strategic business partners to do the rest.

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What is Web-based, Distributed Scanning and How Does That Differ from the Alternatives?

Thick Client scanning, distributed, web-based, network appliance scanning, MFP's, workgroup vs. production...good grief! It is all rather confusing. How do I know which option is best for my organization?  Is CAPSYS CAPTURE Online™ right for my business?

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What Should I Know in Advance Before In-Sourcing or Outsourcing My Document Scanning Needs?

Are you considering the option of performing the document scanning process in-house with your own personnel, software and equipment? Or, are you considering outsourcing the document scanning process to an outside firm who specializes in the field of document management?

In either case, read through the questions and answers and get a better understanding of the overall business process.

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